Price List
Price List

Goat Feeding
Goat Keeping
Easy Dairying

Ł1.50 + 50p p&p
Ł2.00 + 70p p&p
Ł4.00 + 70p p&p
Ł3.00 + 70p p&p

A beginner's guide to Goat keeping

All About Goats Newly revised 3rd edition, published 2002 Ł15.99 + Ł2.50 p&p
Goat Husbandry
Goatkeepers' Veterinary Book
Diseases of the Goat
Goat Farming
Ł11.99 + £2.50 p&p
Ł14.95 + £2.50 p&p
Ł29.50 + £2.50 p&p
Ł15.95 + £2.50 p&p


The following forms can be obtained from the BGS Secretary or can be downloaded as either .doc or .rtf files. Adobe Acrobat versions of all the forms can also be downloaded as .pdf files.

Download the Adobe Acrobat reader free:


Membership Form
Registration Forms
Transfer Forms
Notes for Registrations
CAE Monitored Herd Forms
CAE Non-Monitored Herd Forms
Application for Distinguishing Signs
BGS Medicine Record
Prefix Application Form
Ear Letter Application Form
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Service Certificate Books (50)
Herd Register Forms
Pedigree Forms
Milk Recording Books
Milk Recording Manual
Rules & Regulations (Office Printout)
BGS Milk Recording Manual
List of BGS Challenge Cups

Ł12.50 includes p&p
Ł5.00 + 50p p&p
Ł1.50 for 10 + 35p p&p
Ł3.00 for 10 + 35p p&p
Ł1.50 each + 35p p&p
Ł5.00 each + Ł1.00 p&p
Ł5.00 each + Ł1.00 p&p
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